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Partnership Publishing

We are authors too and we know it can be a lonely, unforgiving, tedious process. On top of that there are so many options when it comes to publishing. JANCO Publishing wants to make the decision easy. Our publishing house wants to offer the support that we feel authors deserve. And as authors too we want to provide the type of help and support that we would want ourselves. That's why we read every manuscript that comes through our office. And even if we decide that your manuscript is not a great match our goal is to offer feedback and an explanation so that you may be better equipped to find the publishing house that is right for you. We are available to help walk you through your options and help you make the best decision, even if it is not to move forward with us. 

Through our partnership publishing process we work with authors that want the benefits of traditional publishing but would like to retain more control over the publishing process and have more say over their book. In addition, our partnering authors share a much larger portion of their success.

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We work with authors from concept to completion to realize the author's and the book's full potential and produce the best work possible. From acquiring the best manuscript to planning and editing to designing the best cover to distributing the book to the masses and developing the best marketing plan we work hard with both new authors and those with experience.

What we do


Traditional Book Publishing

We pride ourselves on being the unconventional traditional publisher. Sometimes to traditional can be to boring and monotonous and we never want to be that. So in addition to taking traditional manuscripts an publishing books, we are also interested in receiving other types of media. This includes music compositions that we can promote and get the artist visibility, screenplay scripts that we will pitch to the big screen, newspapers that we can deliver to the masses, and more. 

Janco Publishing is now accepting submissions of manuscripts, compositions, and/or proposals. Submissions can be made by both agents or authors directly.

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