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About Us

JANCO Publishing is an independent publisher based in Las Vegas, NV. We are a full service and partial service publisher offering a wide range of ways to assist new and experienced authors to produce work that receives reader affection and critical acclaim.

We are a small publishing house so that means we can pour our time and attention on you. You won't get lost in the masses with JANCO Publishing.

Our company is unique. We know that one-size-fits-all approaches will never help you as an author reach your full potential. Therefore, we offer custom solutions, tailored to you--you and your intended audience.

JANCO Publishing is currently accepting submissions from new and published authors.

We are interested in working with authors to develop their books and careers by establishing lasting relationships. We accept submissions from new authors who have never been published as we believe in giving new writers a chance. Someone gave us a chance and now we want to extend that to you. We accept submissions from previously published or self-published authors and everyone in between.

What we would like to receive:

  • Fiction: Mysteries, Thrillers, Detective, Suspense, post-Apocalyptic
  • Travel books, travel memoirs, guidebooks, and anything travel related
  • Young Adult fiction
  • Curriculum with a very active and hands-on approach
  • We'll take a quick look at just about anything so even if your genre isn't listed here, send it over and let us take a peak.