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Partnership Publishing/Hybrid Publishing


Don't think you want to go the traditional publishing route? Want to explore some hybrid publishing options where you can retain more control and earn a larger cut of the success?


Self-Publishing (flat $4900 fee)


*Editing Services- let our experienced copy editor comb through your completed manuscript looking for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors in an effort to make your manuscript the very best it can be.


*Formatting Services- let our team get your manuscript book ready with our formatting services.


*Cover Design- We can help you design the perfect cover that will make your book stand out among the sea of other novels on the bookstore shelf. Our graphic design team will help you create an amazing concept that brings your story to life before the first page is even turned.


*Copyright Registration- We can handle all the legwork for you from copyright registration, ISBN acquisition, and everything else needed to get your story legal and protected.


*You keep 50-60% of the royalties- No further explanation necessary... it's your book and you keep all the profits. You just pay us for our individualized services and publish your book when you're ready. Need help with the self-publishing process? Don't worry! We can help with that too.


*Ghostwriting- hire one of our professional authors to tell your story. Through a series of online video chats, telephone communications, and email correspondence you and one of our accomplished ghostwriters will write your book (additional fee)