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Traditional Publishing



Here are a few of the things you can expect from JANCO Publishing when going the traditional publishing route:


*Manuscript Acquisition- choosing the right manuscript that we feel will succeed


*Novel Planning- deciding with the author what needs to be done to get this manuscript to the finished book  


*Copyediting- our eagle eye will editor check for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, consistency, and organization 


*Design- what can we do to make the book stand out and make it easy for the public to read


*Cover Design- we put extreme effort in designing the perfect book cover for the book


*Production- we handle all of the printing needs 


*Distribution- we get the book from the warehouse and into the bookstores


*Marketing/promoting- we spread the word and tell the world about the book we just developed with you

This is a very simplified version of the publishing process. There is a lot more behind the scenes things that are carefully thought about and put into action.