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Who We Are

Who we are:

We are a community of men and women authors who share the same vision and excitement of sharing women’s stories in every genre imaginable.

We know how amazing women are and what exceptional characters; both heroines and villains, they make. We pride ourselves in telling HERstory from all angles and at every level. The female perspective is largely underwritten and Janco is vested in bringing that perspective to the forefront.

We select manuscripts written from a female perspective and/ or contain a lead female character or co-lead character. 

As both a traditional and hybrid publisher, we also pride ourselves on giving our authors options.

Do you want to go the traditional publishing route? We would love that! We will utilize all of the services at our fingertips to see your book created from start to finish. Once you write your story we'll handle the rest including footing the bill and you receive a 25% royalty for every single book sold. 

Want a more hands on approach? Consider our hybrid package; for a flat fee we work as partners to see your book to completion and in the hands of readers. We share the risk with our authors, but in return our authors share a larger percent of royalties at a whopping 55%


Who we are NOT: 

We are not a vanity press or a self-publishing company. We are a publishing partner with our authors and differ from those vanity presses because of the community building we instill among our authors. In addition, Janco Publishing is very selective in the manuscripts that we accept. We maintain Publisher Control over quality and design to ensure your best product is delivered to your readers. Books are published under our imprint and we gladly and proudly acknowledge our team and all of the hard work and creativity
they produce. Another thing that sets us apart from self-publishing companies is that we handle distribution and assist with marketing for our authors and don't give them a product with no knowledge of what happens next once the book is printed. 

For authors considering the hybrid approach we charge a single flat fee of $4900 and don't force you to pick and choose in a shopping cart fashion. 

What does this fee include? The fee includes cover design, editing and proofreading, interior design, project management, and access to our distribution outlets.